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Manage your display ads

Use Yandex.Display to manage display ads on Yandex services and sites in the Yandex Advertising Network.

BeginYou will need Yandex.Passport for accessing the service. Contact Customer Service for access.

Медийные кампании в rtb-аукционе доступны в Яндекс.Директе

Используйте новые аудиторные интересы с возможностью выбора давности интереса и новые стратегии оптимизации кампаний. Узнать больше

your campaigns

You can plan your ad campaign, use different placement strategies and evaluate your budget.

Choose an

You can set up targeting so that your ads are seen by the right customers.

your results

Detailed statistics demonstrate the ad campaign's effectiveness in real time. The forecast system helps to correct the settings.


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